The advantages of pine furniture

The advantages of pine furniture

Today, a significant part of consumers prefer solid pine furniture. Let’s see, what is the reason for this choice?

  • First – it is environmentally friendly:

The most important and undeniable advantage of pine furniture is its environmental friendliness. What is created by nature itself and tested by the centuries – old traditions of our ancestors-is guaranteed not to harm your health and the health of your children! The wood does not contain toxic formaldehyde, unlike materials such as MDF, chipboard or fiberboard. A pine array is unique in that it releases into the air a natural “antibiotic” phytoncid-an essential substance that has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, increases immunity and improves cardiac activity.

  • Secondly, it is practicality:

Solid pine furniture is much cheaper than solid hardwood furniture. This is due to three factors: 1) pine grows much faster; 2) the manufacture of pine furniture is made in large quantities; 3) pine is easily cut and processed.

If your budget is limited, but you are a connoisseur of natural wooden furniture – pine is out of competition! The uniqueness of pine is that, on the one hand, it is a relatively soft material, but much more reliable, durable and long-lasting (service life of more than 10 years) than composite materials. And on the other hand – moisture resistant, not rotting and has a unique aroma, for what he found great popularity in Scandinavia. Almost all furniture of Finns, Norwegians and Swedes is made of pine, but is especially famous for its saunas and baths.

The advantages of this material can be said for a long time, but it should be noted that the wooden furniture made of pine is ideal as furniture for the children’s room. It does not cause allergies, it has on the health and psyche of the child beneficial calming effect, which has long been recognized by scientists around the world. Due to its ventilation qualities pine gives us warmth in winter and cool in summer.

  • Thirdly, it is aesthetics:

Furniture made of solid pine has its own bright and unique texture. Thanks to its light and neutral color scheme, it will fit into any interior, whether it is gentle pastel colors or richly bright. But, like other wood products, pine is covered with veneer, easily tinted and paints. Although manufacturers try to be nicely and softer do with its unique ornament and amber color.

Pine furniture is a classic, and classic has always been and remains the standard of excellent taste.

  • Fourth – is the energy of pine:

For anybody not a secret, that any creation, that nature has given us, has its own energy, which affects both physical and emotional health. A special smell of pine (remember the scent of the Christmas tree) excites and like everyone. In medicine, widely used aromatherapy based on the smell of pine needles. The energy of this tree is a powerful and impulsive. It improves our immunity and tone, promotes metabolism, treats respiratory diseases.

We have pine, on the contrary, takes away doubts and frustration, daily disorders, being an unspoken antidepressant.