Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Pochapovo

One of the most beautiful temples of the 19th century was burned in 1943, during the battles with the German fascist invaders. The rest of the ruins were not abandoned after the war. In April 2004, the cleaning and landscaping began. For almost 2 years, construction work was carried out on the construction of the Holy Protection Church.


Parish of the Church of the Holy Trinity in the village. Big Svarotva

The only triangular church in Belarus. It is believed that the church was built triangular, in order to emphasize its difference from churches and Orthodox churches. In 1943, the church was almost completely burned. Through the efforts of the local priest, Father George and local parishioners, in 2006, the restoration of the temple began on one small photograph of pre-war times, which one of the parishioners handed over to Father George. The restored temple was consecrated in 2009.
It is believed that the concept of the temple was that the representatives of three faiths – Orthodox, Catholics and Uniates – can immediately pray in it. This is a unique architectural monument of the 19th century. The temple is of great historical and cultural value and is an interesting landmark of Belarus.

Chapel at the cemetery in the village of Zheleznitsa

The construction of the Pokrov Chapel at the cemetery in the village of Zheleznitsa began in 2004. During construction, a chapel was erected with images of the faces of saints, as well as prayer texts. The chapel was completed and consecrated in 2006.