Simple recommendations when buying furniture

Simple recommendations when buying furniture

When buying furniture for your home, you should take into account an important fact: furniture is not only an object of interior, but also the space in which we spend time, breathe, meet night dreams and wake up. My home is my castle! – the proverb says to us and it has a deep foundation. After all, it is at home that we rest from the outside world, restore our strength, and exist in an organized space for ourselves. From how this space is organized, our state of health and energy fullness depends, as a consequence – the ability to solve problems in society.

Acquisition of furniture from solid wood is an excellent investment of money, which can please you for many years, and also make up the subject of the inheritance. Numerous buyers of furniture Диприз often ask a question how correctly to look after furniture from a file that in due course it not only saved the appearance, and also got unique charm and the individuality corresponding to its owner. Care is simple, it is important to remember that a tree is a product of natural origin. Deviations from the color, texture, texture of the wood, the presence of small knots or knots are not a quality defect, but a proof of the natural origin of the material.

The surfaces of the furniture of Dipriz are treated with special compositions of ecologically clean stains, varnishes, paints, taking into account the furniture accommodation environment. Bathroom furniture is treated with water stain. During the operation of furniture, you need to monitor the climate in the room. It is important to remember that the tree swells at high humidity and cracks when it is too low. Sharp temperature changes can lead to deformation of furniture. The purchase of an air humidifier or desiccant solves the problem of controlling the climate in the room and protects furniture from the array from natural deformation.

Surfaces of furniture should be protected from direct exposure to sunlight, water or moisture, since high humidity and possible close location of heat sources can affect the integrity of the product. If water gets on the surface of the furniture, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth or a soft sponge that does not scratch.

To preserve the original appearance of the facades and prevent their swelling, it is necessary to prevent dripping and splashing on them, which should be removed with a dry cloth. The surface of the furniture parts must be completely dry. Remove contamination immediately after it is created, so as not to cause the formation of stains and stains or other damage to the product. In case of a persistent contamination, we recommend using only the most natural cleaning agents.

Like any household item, furniture needs regular cleaning. Furniture from solid wood should be wiped from dust, about once every 2-3 days, so that the dust does not give a permanent deposit, and the furniture remains bright and sparkling. To remove stains that are immediately invisible, wipe the furniture with a lint-free cloth in the direction of the tree pattern. For a more thorough cleansing, use a soft cloth soaked in a soap solution or other wood cleaner.

Following these simple recommendations, you will keep the overall appearance of your furniture from the array, which in time will become more beautiful and colorful than at the time of purchase!

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