How to care for solid furniture?

How to care for solid furniture?

Furniture from solid wood is an excellent investment of money, which can please you for many years. It is eco-friendly, durable and unique thanks to the design of the tree. However, it is capricious and requires constant attention. With proper care, you can transfer furniture from the array to the next generation in excellent condition. To do this, remember the basic principles.

Daily care for solid wood furniture

Even if you do not need fixing wood furniture, remember that time always takes its toll. Like any other thing after a few years of daily use, furniture can look worn out. In addition, wood, like natural raw materials, is more prone to natural changes than artificial materials. After a few years, classic furniture can begin to look like junk that has replaced several masters. But, fortunately, there are things that you can do and avoid to prolong the life of your furniture.

What to do?

Daily care can slow down the aging of furniture or virtually stop it. There are a number of basic tips for this:

Regular cleaning and polishing of furniture

You do not need to clean and polish furniture every day, if it’s not part of your routine, but it’s worth spending more time on those places and furniture items that are used most often, such as tables. The usual schedule for cleaning this furniture is daily dusting and polishing every six months.

Coating of a regularly used surface

Every time you do something on wooden furniture, you risk damaging it, so you should cover the used surface with a soft towel, rug or stand, put the tablecloth on the dining table and felt under the lamps on the coffee table. Be sure to use the stand under the hot: round spots from hot mugs very easily and quickly appear on the surface of the table.

Watch out for the climate in the room

The tree swells at high humidity and cracks when it is too low. Such changes in humidity eventually deform the furniture and can lead to its breakage. Put money in an air humidifier or desiccant if you live in a place with very high or very low humidity.