Advantages of solid wood furniture

Advantages of solid wood furniture

Today, furniture from the array is quite relevant and more preferable for most people in Europe and Russia. But why does the furniture made of chipboard (chipboard) gradually go to the background, and solid furniture, despite its well-known high cost, is in great demand?

Modern cladding covering the chipboard, imitates any natural valuable wood and gives a very presentable appearance of furniture products. The main drawback of furniture made of particleboard is the smell of volatile toxic substances, especially in confined spaces, it becomes quite sharp and unbearable. Under the influence of warm air, the release of a toxic substance significantly increases, it is for these reasons that the chipboard furniture is not recommended to be placed near heaters and batteries in residential premises.

In its turn, the furniture is solid, absolutely harmless and environmentally friendly. Also, wooden furniture is attributed some of the healing properties and the creation of a special atmosphere of coziness, a microclimate in the house. Pine, for example, manifests itself as an antidepressant and a kind of biostimulant, the oak invigorates, it helps clarity of thoughts, the linden has calming properties, and also contributes to mental harmony.

Well, as for such stereotypes as, the high cost of furniture from the array, it is worth saying the following. Today, furniture products use more than 40 different species of natural wood and only 10% of them are classified as expensive. Oak, beech, ash – these rocks because of their strength, toughness and unique texture are expensive, furniture from these breeds costs tens of thousands of rubles. Arrays of conifers such as pine, spruce, and birch are an excellent alternative, due to their milder properties, the cost of such furniture is quite democratic.

In the end, we will reveal the secret. Particular attention when buying furniture from solid wood should be paid to such a point as a special composition, which is covered with softwood for protection purposes. If it is based on chemical glue or varnish, all the ecological compatibility of furniture is automatically reduced to “no.” A protective layer based on wax, it is on such furniture that you must stop your choice when buying. Buying solid furniture is the best option, both aesthetically and ecologically.

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